Doctor Who monster designer gives Warlord Games figure range a thumbs up!

January 23, 2018

Doctor Who monster designer gives Warlord Games figure range a thumbs up!

It’s not everyday we hear from an actual Doctor Who monster creator, but this month we were delighted to receive an email from William Grantham, who designed the Abzorbaloff creature that we released this summer as part of our Doctor Who range of miniatures.

William entered a 'Design A Monster’ competition in 2006 on the Blue Peter TV show when he was just nine years old, with the promise that the winner would see their creation come to life on screen in a series 2 episode of series.

Abzorbaloff chases Elton Pope

William beat nearly 44,000 other entries to achieve this landmark honour and saw his creation burst onto screens in the episode Love & Monsters.

This story has a very different feel and premise to a standard episode of Doctor Who. Here the Doctor is not the main focus - instead the plot largely concentrates on a group of Doctor super-fans, lead by Elton Pope, who regularly meet to study and share stories of the Doctor and his TARDIS.

A mysterious man named Victor Kennedy infiltrates the group with his own sinister agenda. Kennedy is in fact an alien called the Abzorbaloff from the planet Clom, who is obsessed with tracking down the Doctor himself.

In his natural state, the Abzorbaloff was a rotund, green, mohawk-sporting monster, who absorbed his victims with a single touch. Faces of his various victims could be seen embedded in his flesh. His unfortunate victims retained their consciousness for several days after absorption. It’s all pretty disgusting stuff, and remarkable when you think it was designed by a nine year old!

Warlord Games are the first company to release a figure of the Abzorbaloff to market and William is glad that he can finally own a miniature recreation of the very monster he designed all those years ago!

The miniatures show Abzorbaloff in his hideous natural state and also in his shapeshifted alter ego, Victor Kennedy.

Into the Time Vortex - Abzorbaloff & Victor Kennedy


With thanks to William Graham, whose email can be read in full below, for taking the time to contact us. If it wasn’t for his fantastic drawing over ten years ago, we would not have been able to release this visually striking figure for fans to adorn their shelves with.

Hi there,
I recently made a purchase of 2 packs of the Abzorbaloff and Mr Kennedy figurines from the Doctor Who: Into the Time Vortex series and I am thrilled with this model.
As you may or may not know already, the Abzorbaloff was designed by a 9 year-old for a Blue Peter competition and I was the child who designed it.
Since the character’s TV debut, I always wanted a little model for my own of the Abzorbaloff and just wanted to thank you folks for being the first to produce one. I cannot wait to get my model painted in the trademark green colours and am absolutely thrilled with the level of detail that has gone into such a tiny creation.
All the best,
Will Grantham


William Grantham meets Peter Kay as Abzorbaloff

Above: William behind the scenes with Abzorbaloff (AKA Peter Kay)

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