Doctor Who Community Painting Showcase

August 08, 2018

Doctor Who Community Painting Showcase

Our ever-expanding Doctor Who range features a wide variety of the universe’s strangest and deadliest monsters, cunning villains and of course the many incarnations of the Doctor and his companions.

Our social media pages are full of beautifully painted miniatures from our loyal followers and here we present a showcase of talent from all over the world. Let’s enter the Time Vortex and check out this menagerie of characters...

Owen Taylor

Owen Taylor painting image 1
Owen Taylor has an immense collection of Doctor Who miniatures, check out his brilliant Professor Yana and Cybermen from our Nightmares In Silver commemorative set! The Cyber leader from Revenge of the Cybermen shown here alongside an original Mondasian Cyberman from The Tenth Planet, an Earthshock version and an upgraded, hands clenched Silver Nemesis model.

Professor Yana, the secret incarnation of one of the Doctor’s deadliest foes The Master, whose real identity was hidden away in his fob watch, is shown here from Utopia as memories of his past lives begin to return to him.

Owen Taylor painting image 2

Owen’s collection also includes many incarnations of The Doctor. Showcased here are the First, played by William Hartnell, the Fifth, portrayed by Peter Davison and the twenty first century incarnations, the Tenth and Twelfth Doctors played by David Tennant and Peter Capaldi respectively.

Owen’s showcase concludes with three classic monsters. The bat-like Tetraps appeared in the Seventh Doctor’s opening adventure Time and the Rani, the aquatic cousins of the Silurians, the iconic Sea Devils and the shape-shifting Zygons, who made their Doctor Who debut in the classic Fourth Doctor adventure Terror of the Zygons and so memorably appeared as the main villains in the Fiftieth Anniversary story Day of the Doctor.

Owen Taylor painting image 3

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson has been collecting our Doctor Who miniatures since the inception of the range. Check out this beautiful montage of his work, including this stunning shot of six different incarnations of the Doctor in front of our TARDIS model, his versions of the Sea Devils and Sontaran Linx with Irongron from The Time Warrior. Also amongst his characters on display are his Daleks, Ogrons from the classic Third Doctor story Day of the Daleks and the present day iterations of classic Martian warriors the Ice Warriors. We round up Dave’s stunning painting skills showcase with a selection of Cybermen, including the iconic Cyber Controller from Tomb of the Cybermen.

Dave Johnson painting image 1

Dave Johnson painting image 2

Dave Johnson painting image 3

Dan Kelly

Dan Kelly has an immense collection of our miniatures, amongst those on show here are his Movellans, Vervoids and Daleks painted in classic series colours.


Dan Kelly painting image 1

 Dan Kelly painting image 2

Chris Peachey & Adam Williams

Check out these montages of miniatures painted by long-term range fan Chris Peachey, including his impressive Fisher King and Adam Williams who has bought our Davros to life with this beautiful paint job. Also shown are examples of his Telos Cybermen and Sontaran forces.

Chris Peachey painting

Adam Williams

Daniel Read

Daniel Read has given a spectacular paint job to his TARDIS model, the results speak for themselves, truly beautiful. Note his detail on the windows and freehand on the Police Public Call Box sign!

Daniel Read painting - TARDIS

Blax Kleric

Finally, two of our long term supporters have produced some truly unique custom figures. Check out Blax Kleric’s amazing Judoon Ghost based on the Fisher King’s Ghost warriors from Before The Flood complete with axe of course!

Blax Kleric painting

Darren Bellerby

Darren Bellerby painting image 1

Darren Bellerby painting image 2

Darren Bellerby never ceases to amaze our Facebook page members with his customs. His flying, wooden and distressed Cybermen are pure genius and his chained Asylum of the Daleks ‘Clara’ Dalek is inspired!

We hope you enjoyed this peek at some of the best work from our Doctor Who community, if you would like to submit your own work for our next showcase please join us on our page at:

We look forward to welcoming you for all the latest news, painting guides, studio shot miniature photos and lively discussion!

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