Doctor Who Range 2019 Preview

January 31, 2019

Doctor Who Range 2019 Preview

Our Doctor Who Into The Time Vortex range goes from strength to strength in the coming months as we unleash all-new Doctor, Monster and iconic character packs, along with a few surprises along the way!

UNIT (Unified Intelligence Taskforce)

UNIT Trooper standing watch

Our highly anticipated 1970s themed UNIT sets will allow you to deploy these iconic earth defenders into your game of Exterminate! Alongside a five pack of army-building troops we are launching a special weapons Support Team ready to unleash five rounds rapid on the orders of the Brigadier!

UNIT Troopers ready for action

Brigadier Lethbridge StewartSpeaking of which, the Doctor’s loyal friend and UNIT commander Brigadier Alastair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart is also making his range debut, spearheading our UNIT Heroes set; also featuring in the box are iconic regulars Sgt. Benton and Capt. Yates. All three sets combined would be a force to be reckoned with on your gaming table!

The Second Doctor

Second Doctor

Fans of the Second Doctor are in for a treat as we launch the next set in our Doctors and Companions series: The cosmic hobo himself, as played by Patrick Troughton from 1966-69 will be joined by companions Ben, Polly, Jamie and Zoe in this beautifully designed five pack.

Second Doctor RenderFor more Second Doctor action we will be taking a trip back to 1968 with the launch of our Web Of Fear episode set. Featuring authentic likenesses of Col. Lethbridge Stewart (This highly regarded story was his first appearance in the series before the inception of UNIT) Professor Travers and three robotic Yeti miniatures, you’ll be able to re-create the battle of Covent Garden from this famously rediscovered classic six part story, which sent viewers of the 1960s scuttling behind the sofa as the Great Intelligence took over London!

Gallifreyan Guards

Gallifreyan Guard

Our miniatures range fast forwards through the time vortex to the twenty first century era of Doctor Who for the Gallifreyan Guards set. Featuring five all-new designs, these Gallifrey soldiers loyal to Lord President Rassilon will defend their home planet at any cost against the invading Dalek fleets and would make an impressive squad to deploy in your next game.

The Gallifreyans assemble

More details and exclusive previews of our brand new sets will appear over the coming weeks, in the mean time why not prepare some Daleks, Ogrons, Quarks or Time Lords for your gaming table to join all these new characters in a game or two of Exterminate?

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