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November 28, 2018
This August we were absolutely delighted to welcome a Doctor Who legend to our Warlord Games HQ in Nottingham – John Levene, well known to fans as iconic character Sergeant John Benton! More >>

November 09, 2018
Following on from the extremely popular Fisher King Model Special Offer, our great new Gunslinger miniature is now free with orders of £75 or more. More >>

September 14, 2018
Profiles of the characters depicted in The Fires of Pompeii - the Pyrovile and their human allies, and the Emojibots from Smile. More >>

August 08, 2018
Our social media pages are full of beautifully painted miniatures from our loyal followers and here we present a showcase of talent from all over the world. More >>

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New Releases

The Twelfth Doctor’s TARDIS - open door version

The Twelfth Doctor’s TARDIS - open door version
Warlord Games are delighted to announce our latest TARDIS scale model, compatible with our entire Into The Time Vortex range of figures! More >>

The Thirteenth Doctor & TARDIS

The Thirteenth Doctor & TARDIS
After a spectacular regeneration inside his TARDIS, the Twelfth Doctor regenerated into a brand new body. The Thirteenth Doctor is the woman who, quite literally, fell to Earth! More >>

Doctor Who Time Lords

Doctor Who Time Lords
The Time Lords invented space and time travel machines known as TARDISes, but closely monitored their use to ensure time was neither abused nor history changed. More >>

The Fourth Doctor & Companions

The Fourth Doctor & Companions
Never without his trademark scarf and a bag of jelly babies, the Fourth Doctor was more distant and alien than his predecessors. More >>

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