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August 08, 2018
Our social media pages are full of beautifully painted miniatures from our loyal followers and here we present a showcase of talent from all over the world. More >>

June 20, 2018
Our ever growing Doctor Who range expands this month, to include two sets of iconic villains from the Ninth and Twelfth Doctor eras! More >>

May 11, 2018
This month is Sontaran month here at Warlord. Not one, but three all-new figure packs based on these iconic characters are now available to order! More >>

April 11, 2018
Our Doctor Who range revisits the era of the Ninth Doctor in April and we travel back in time to the swinging 60s with our Dominators episode pack. More >>

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New Releases

Doctor Who Card Sets

Doctor Who Card Sets
Each of the Ogrons, Slitheen, Draconians, the Abzorbaloff & Victor Kennedy or The Woman Who Lived 6-card sets is now available so you can play your models in Doctor Who. More >>

The Fires of Pompeii

The Fires of Pompeii
Inside the volcano the Doctor discovers a cavern filled with Pyroviles – creatures composed of rock. These aliens want to conquer the earth after their home planet has been lost. More >>


The Emojibots were robots who served as avatar interfaces to the sentient microbots, the Vardy. More >>

The Headless Monks

The Headless Monks
The Headless Monks, also known as the Order of the Headless, are deadly religious warriors who follow the Papal Mainframe. More >>

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