Interview with Exterminate! game editor, Roger Gerrish

January 29, 2018

Interview with Exterminate! game editor, Roger Gerrish

What led to your involvement in the game? What has been your role in developing it?

I've worked with game developer Wayne Bollands on a number of his projects in the past and was lucky enough to get invited to participate in Warlord’s new Doctor Who miniatures game.

I have two main roles. Firstly as one of the Play Testers who try to ensure that the game mechanics work as the designer expects. Basically it is our job to try and break them! We then give feedback on any changes and clarifications required. 

My second role is editing the rule books in the boxed set to ensure that everything makes sense and is logical. 

In game development, a design can be rewritten many times before it is finalised. During that time there is a danger that things can be inadvertently changed or even lost so multiple reviews and edits are required before it finally goes to the printers. In addition, I have also written some of the background text in the rules especially items relating to my beloved Daleks.    


Above: We think Roger is rather jealous of Davros!


How would you describe the game in a few words? 

It’s a skirmish game played with around 6 to 12 miniatures per side. Both players attempt to score victory points by either capturing various objectives or by exterminating or deleting the opposing faction. The boxed game pitches Daleks against Cybermen, but game cards are included to integrate some of the latest Warlord releases into the game, including, of course, the Doctor. 


Doctor Who: Exterminate! game contents
Above: the Exterminate! Game is chock full of everything you need to play the game, pitting Daleks against the Cybermen.


How are you hoping the game will be received by fans of the show and seasoned gamers? Do you hope the game will persuade virgin gamers to dip their toes in the world of tabletop skirmish games?

I'm very hopeful. The game is based on the tried and tested mechanics of another Warlord Games title (Project-Z), so I have no doubt that this adaptation will satisfy experienced gamers. I'm also sure that fans of the show will appreciate the efforts that have gone into the miniatures and other game components to produce an authentic Doctor Who feel and, with Doctor Who being such a popular franchise, I think the game has a good chance of attracting new people into the hobby.   


What has been the most challenging element of the creation process for you?

I would say trying the develop a game that will appeal to both the casual fan and the most committed Whovian. That requires a lot of research and thought to ensure that you provide a good game, but at the same time remain authentic to a Doctor Who universe that has existed in TV, audio and print for over fifty years.    


What led you into the world of Doctor Who fandom?

Well, I'm actually older than the TV series, so I really did spend time hiding behind the sofa. Daleks, Ice Warriors and Cybermen made quite an impression on me and were an influence on my life-long love of science fiction.

I'm not embarrassed to admit that if I win the lottery my first purchase will likely be a full-size Dalek. Or two.    


 Roger Gerrish and his one true love - the Daleks

Above: Yep, definitely jealous of Davros…


 What would you like to see in the range for the future? Any dream games or figures?

UNIT personnel and characters – both classic and current. They are the real defenders of the Earth. Who can resist the Brigadier’s immortal "Chap with wings, there. Five rounds rapid" line?



Doctor Who: Into the Time Vortex 

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