Maximum Extermination! Dalek Reinforcements are here...

January 28, 2018

Maximum Extermination! Dalek Reinforcements are here...

Dalek players now have some deadly additions to their forces with the release of the Maximum Extermination! set.

Featuring potent forms of Dalek and Time War technology this will be a must have for anyone fielding Davros' creations in Exterminate! games.

Doctor Who: Maximum Extermination! contents



Supreme Dalek

With its distinctive red and brass colour scheme and enhanced superstructure the Supreme Dalek provides leadership to the New Dalek Empire in the absence of the Dalek Emperor. 

Supreme Dalek from the Doctor Who: Exterminate! game



Special Weapons Dalek

Also known as ‘The Abomination’, the Special Weapons Dalek appears in several episodes down the years - first facing the Seventh Doctor in  Remembrance of the Daleks and latterly in The Magician's Apprentice/Witch's Familiar episodes against the Twelfth Doctor. 

Although based on the standard Dalek battle armour design, the eye stalk, manipulator arm and gunstick are replaced by a high calibre energy cannon making it a lethal adversary.

Special Weapons Dalek from the Doctor Who: Exterminate! game



The Genesis Ark

A Time Lord prison ship containing hordes of Daleks, it is referred to it as a Genesis Ark by them. Stolen by the Cult of Skaro with the express purpose of recreating the Dalek Empire they unleash it's deadly cargo over London in the Army of Ghosts and Doomsday episodes, being thwarted by the Tenth Doctor at great cost with his companion Rose Tyler being forever stranded in an alternate dimension.

Dalek Genesis Ark from the Doctor Who: Exterminate! game


Exterminate! game cards

The Maximum Extermination! set also contains eleven new game cards for fielding these miniatures in your games of Exterminate! 

Doctor Who: Exterminate! game cards for Maximum Extermination!


These great, highly detailed resin and pewter miniatures will also appeal to collectors of Doctor Who products - especially if you're a fan of the Doctor's enemies!

To ensure the highest level of detail and authenticity the Supreme Dalek and Special Weapons Dalek are provided in more than one piece. Easily assembled as shown below we recommend a spot of superglue to hold the assembly together.

Assembly instructions for the Doctor who: Maximum Extermination! set 

Doctor Who: Maximum Extermination! box 

Doctor Who: Into the Time Vortex 

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