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The TARDIS is an abbreviation, it stands for:







The TARDIS Scale Model

Warlord Games are delighted to announce our very first TARDIS scale model, compatible with our entire Into The Time Vortex range of figures! We can’t promise you your miniatures will develop the ability to travel in all of space and time, however…

The TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) has been the Doctor’s one constant companion over the centuries, an outdated Type 40 model “borrowed” from the Time Lords (with a little guidance from Clara Oswald) when he fled Gallifrey to explore the universe with his granddaughter Susan.

Dimensionally transcendental, bigger on the inside than the outside, the TARDIS, like the Daleks, is a British cultural icon. Despite several subtle changes over the years, the TARDIS exterior remains instantly recognisable to this day.

The TARDIS features a great many number of rooms. The primary control room with the central console allows the Doctor to navigate all of space and time. In the classic series, the Doctor was rarely able to accurately pilot his ship, often ending up centuries from where he thought he was, and often on totally the wrong planet! Since the days of the Ninth Doctor, the Time Lord can usually plot a course far more successfully.

Model supplied unpainted


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