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Outwardly resembling humans of different ethnicities, the Movellans are androids from the star system 4X Alpha 4. Sporting long silver dreadlocks, white uniforms and a conical gun, they are extremely strong.

Each Movellan carries an external power pack round their belts; if this unit is damaged or destroyed, the android unit will cease to function. They have a strong code of honour, refusing to allow other species to see them in death.

Movellan technology was advanced and impressive. Their ‘Nova’ device was capable of altering the molecular structure of a planet’s atmosphere. The atoms became flammable and could result in the burn up of the entire atmosphere.

Their race was engaged in a galactic war with the Daleks which lasted for centuries, with many casualties on both sides. Their respective fleets were locked in a stalemate. The Movellans developed a biological agent that was fatal to the Kaled mutants housed within their Dalek casing. This proved devastating for the Dalek race, reducing their empire greatly.

Although strong and resourceful, their major weakness was that their power packs were attached to the front of their belts. Thus, the packs could be easily removed or damaged by their enemies, which would lead to the android shutting down. Their circuitry could also be re-programmed to obey human orders.

The Movellans are a proud race, they do not allow others to see them in their moment of death, as it is seen as a great dishonour if they are revealed to be androids.


First appeared in the 1979 Tom Baker adventure Destiny Of The Daleks.

They made a brief cameo appearance in the 2017 story The Pilot, where they are seen engaged in a skirmish with a squad of Daleks.

Game Use:

In the Upkeep phase of gameplay, the Movellans, being robots, have the chance to self-repair and return to the game. However, they are vulnerable in melee combat, so a shocked Movellan automatically becomes an Exterminated one. Best keep those nasty Cybermen away from them then!

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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