The Empress of Mars

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In Empress of Mars, the Twelfth Doctor, Nardole and Bill travel to Mars, after NASA discover a message reading ‘God Save The Queen’ under the ice on the surface of the red planet.

Upon their landing, they encounter Victorian soldiers, who have arrived to try to conquer the native home of the Ice Warriors.

As the long dormant Martian hive begins to awaken, the Doctor must decide which side he is on – that of Queen Victoria's invading soldiers, or the Ice Warriors, led by Empress Iraxxa, and her loyal subject, Friday.

The box includes two metal miniatures: The Empress Iraxxa and Friday, and six Exterminate! game cards.


Empress of Mars was the ninth transmitted episode of series Ten in 2017 and was the first episode since Cold War in 2013 to feature the Ice Warrior race.

This story was notable for featuring the first female Ice Warrior ever seen on screen in Doctor Who. Iraxxa, their queen.

Alpha Centauri, the genderless hermaphrodite hexapod, was glimpsed on screen in this story for the first time since the Third Doctor adventure The Monster of Peladon in 1974.

Game use:

For the more military-minded players who prefer to play in an aggressive style in gameplay, then these warriors from Mars are for you! With good all-round shooting and melee characteristics, many opponents will find these Cyborgs difficult to stop.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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