The Tetraps!

March 03, 2017

The Tetraps!

The Tetraps are best described as humanoid amalgamations of bat and boar with four eyes, a forked tongue, furry bodies and a penchant for blood plasma. Unique, bizarre and impressive, are perhaps the right combination of words to describe them.

Sleeping upside down like bats, they are short sighted, but what they lack in sight they make up for in threat: able to dispatch their victim by injecting paralysing poison through their tongues!

They were employed by The Rani (Kate O’Mara), a Time Lady science genius, whilst she was conducting brain experiments on the planet Lakertya. They bullied and enslaved the locals , enforcing the will of their mistress.

Their unusual, imposing design begs for a 21st century update.

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